Cinema Grope



Cinema sex scenes !

She went out with a friend to watch movie.  Aside from the featured film, she is also enjoying the chitchat with her friend not knowing that a pervert just positioned above her is closely watching her moves.  From that position, this pervert can easily measure the size of her huge, natural breast.  Not contented, he made his move slowly, grasping her breast to make sure his guess is right.  And voila, he indeed is right! 

Now what he did catches the attention of one guy seated a few sits away from them.  He is obviously jealous and wants to feel that cotton candy like softness of her breast.  He moves and sits beside the girl.  He noticed that she seems so busy watching the movie, well…might as well take advantage of that.

And as the saying goes, birds of the same feather flocks together…another groper joins in.  Oh boy, 3 hands palming and squeezing her huge size E tits. 

Too bad all stories have an ending.  They all stop when she made her move to go out of the cinema.